•  NS-049A WHITE
  •   NS-049B GOLD
  •  NS-049C  BLUE
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  • GLASS: Borosilicate glass is not only healthy, but also can bear the instant temperature change from -30℃ to 150℃, which means the cup will stay intact if you pour in 100℃ hot water into the cup immediately after taking out from the refrigerator. Due to this, it can brew both hot tea and ice tea. The bright clear glass can also let you enjoy the tea leaves “dancing” in the cup with using specialty teas from NOORA  Tea products collection …
  • LID: Made from Stainless steel, rest on the cup, can keep the tea warm while steeping and meanwhile, can be used as a coaster to hold the infuser after finishing steeping.
  • INFUSER: Made from Stainless steel, unlike tea balls or spoon-size infusers, the infuser let the tea leaves have plenty of room to expand to spread its fragrance as the tea steeps. Thanks to the infuser, you can control the tea taste as you prefer. It’s so fine that you can brew any type of loose tea.

  Brew 5/7 min  Water Cup temperature 90 Degree



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